Scan guns are fun. But enlisting for a registry is an interesting experience. We had a great time zipping around to the stores and drilling down, firing at items we think will be in the family forever. We didn’t scan any nice wine glasses. We know better. Josh got really excited about the collander set. Tara got giddy around any Kate Spade accessories.

We’re excited to know we’ll have matching plates, bowls and, wait for it…a new Crock Pot. We’ve attached a picture of our current Crock Pot Josh’s Mom gave him about a decade and a half ago. It’s been a trooper, cooking meals that only Emeril could think up and prepare to perfection. But after too many burned right finger tips – it’s time to move on to a safer option to prepare our culinary works of art.


She’s a beaut’. 15+ years and still cooks to perfection (including hand flesh).

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