The Bride · Tara Manis

(As told by Josh)
Tara Chantel Manis broke the mold when she entered the world. A particular individual, she possesses a full dose of OCD that I not only admire, I share. She’s the only Canadian I know who still isn’t a a Citizen of the United States (she’s an ‘alien’ per official documents) but was somehow able to convince Sarasota County, Florida she was American enough to be voted in as the President of the Young Republicans in the mid-2000s. It doesn’t add up.

But then again, neither do a lot of things Tara accomplishes…which makes me that much more attracted to her.

She has an affinity for glitter, thank you cards and Ruby Red slippers. Her years as a dancer required endless hours, dedication and hard work and is corroborated by disfigured feet that only dancers can possess. She calls them ugly. I call them, well, interesting. Just don’t ask me to kiss them.

She is astonishingly stubborn, a trait I too share, but brilliantly calculated and precise in remembering the cloudiest details, dates and things I said before I changed what I said in the beginning.

Most importantly, Tara is loyal beyond words. A trustworthy partner, a sage advisor and a friend who will go out of her way to make your day a bit brighter at the expense of her day.

And she’s a fearless partner. You mess with me, good luck. She’s already found where you live, who you work for, what you earn, your children’s names and the time of day you leave the house – all thanks to social media. In other words, she’s dangerous and I love it.

So for all of that…she’s the one. And I’m a lucky fella.


The Groom · Josh Benson

(As told by Tara)
Joshua Paul Benson is a Minnesotan by birth and a slightly strange bird by nature. I’ve come to believe this tech-loving guy walked out of the womb seeing life as a spreadsheet by taking on tasks, assigning each a color code and feeling a sense of pride each time he was able to strike one off his legal pad. Regardless of his OCD, this guy can’t let go of any overexposed pictures from 1987, old digital devices (with each respective box) or awful pants from the early 2000s. Despite his hoarding tendencies AND being a former frontman of the legendary Minnesota band, Porch Magic, he still can’t hold onto lyrics to save his life.

Thing is, these are just a few of the quirks that make me love him that much more.

Born in Scandia, Minnesota, Josh has moved all over the country as a News Anchor working for ABC, NBC & CBS News. He knew early on what he wanted to do. He cared about news and idolized the late, Peter Jennings. He has a poster on our wall to prove it.

Now, Josh is taking a leap of faith and doing something he’s always wanted to do. Whether he knows it or not, that drive makes him that much more attractive.

Seeing him focused on his entrepreneurial endeavors is something to be envied.  JPB is a natural leader. He’s dialed in, happy & determined. It is truly what drives him these days. Still, while working on his start-up, he’s running his web design and video production company of 12 years, Joker Media.

Even with all of that on his plate, he makes time for us. Ensuring we are both laughing, happy, focused on the future… and most importantly, still so in love. I have no doubt he’ll succeed at anything he decides to do & I can’t wait to be standing beside him through it all.