Tweet. Post. Hashtag!

Do you Tweet? Are you a Facebooker? Into Istagram? Help us spread the word of our wedding, guests and good times by sharing our hashtag #NewsroomKnot whenever you post to any social network.

If you see this hashtag on any of your social networks, click on it and you’ll be taken to a list of posts, pictures or tweets about the same topic. It’s a great way to share memories and events from the wedding – or even days before and after the wedding. We’ve already posted a few so you can see what is showing up.

Thanks again for being a part of this exciting time of our lives and sharing your messages, photos and words of advice on your social media accounts by adding the simple hashtag: #NewsroomKnot.

Check out a few examples (click on the screen go to the actual social media page where the item is listed).


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