Well, we finally launched the website. It’s been a great undertaking to get it finally wrapped up (well, there are still a few things that need work, but it’s pretty close). We spent the wee hours of the morning last night finishing it all up. We started in on the final updates¬†4th of July night. It was a low key 4th for us. We wanted to just relax and Tara is always game for a nap or 12 given her wild, overnight schedule.

So we hit the Miami River and set up some chairs on the bank and sent the drone up in the sky for some aerial video. We’re geeks by nature, so flying a little quadcopter in different areas of the city isn’t only ‘cool’ to us, it’s relaxing and allows us to see parts of Miami we haven’t seen yet.

The Winds of Change

It was windy as all get-out. But we managed to get some pretty cool video and from that, I took a few screen shots and posted them below. At one point we had the idea of putting the drone up in the air for the fireworks, but that was starting to require too many manual setting adjustments (there’s a lot to tweak to be able to capture good video in the dark on this drone, it’s not really recommended). And I ended up making a last-minute run to the ‘adult-beverage’ store. I got stuck in traffic on the way home so I showed up at 8:58 p.m. Fireworks started blasting at 9:00. Still made it!

But overall, it was relaxing and fun 4th of July. Hope you all had a safe and relaxing 4th as well. It’s a lazy day today (Tara is sleeping as I write this) but come Monday, planning for the wedding resumes. We’re anxious for a visit from my parents Greg and Mary on July 18th. We’re going to check out our wedding venue Cheeca Lodge and introduce them to some real sunshine…not that fabricated Minnesota stuff. (:

4th of July Drone Snaps