Wow. I’ve never been so full. I had an attack plan going into our wedding dinner ‘taste test’ but plans quickly went out the window. Too many tasty options, too little self-control.

Tara’s parents John and Cindy, Tara and I traveled down to our wedding venue Cheeca Lodge this weekend and had the chance to sample various culinary options for our  welcome reception and wedding dinner.

While we are finalizing the meal options, let me just say that the food is amazing. Most everything we tried was incredible in taste and appearance. We’re excited to pick the final options, get the menu set and send out the invitations. The invites will have the exact meals we’ve chosen so whether you love meat, fish or are vegan/vegetarian there is something great for everyone.

It’s unreal to think we’re only about two months away from the wedding.

I need to report to the gym ASAP and start burning some calories. While fun, this weekend didn’t help slim the waistline by any means.

Some snaps from the quick trip